Team Building Workshops for Law Firms

THEY improv has been bringing together employees for Fortune 500 companies for years. This has included a variety of legal practices and this website represents a renewed emphasis of team building for law firms from around the country.

For law firms, team building workshops need to both bond the employees as well as to provide the appearance of mostly being about having a good time and blowing off steam. We understand those needs.

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Team Building Workshops for Law Firms

Attorney Bonding through Comedy Classes

they improvThe success of any law firm usually begins with the ability of everyone working there being able to pull together to achieve success. This makes our team building workshops for law firms all the more valuable. We can bring everyone together and see the value of being able to work together towards common goals while usually making the event seem more like a form of entertainment and reward.

THEY improv has worked with over half of the Fortune 500. This means that we have successfully provided a wide variety of programs that have achieved great success for our clients. We now bring those skills more specifically tailored to the legal environment.

Our law firm team building workshops usually focus on three areas.

First, we focus on the entertaining aspect by working within the framework of a comedy class. We explain at the beginning that there was a budget for team building but you have told us to really just get them laughing together. This reduces the stress of the event and reduces the likelihood of resistance from people that resent being forced to engage in bonding events.

Second, we work on group mind activities. The idea of a group mind is to help with getting people to engage with one another and to support one another as a means of accomplishing the task in front of them.

Third, we work to get the participants to entertain one-another. It's easy for us to generally get people to laugh. But if we can leave you with your people getting each other to laugh, our bonding work is usually done.

For many firms, this is well enough. For others, there is a need for what we call a Heavy Hitter. A Heavy Hitter is a facilitator with a broader range of experience in either the business world or the legal field. This means that they can better diagnose difficulties that exist within the organization and either utilize exercises on the fly to overcome those problems or make recommendations at the end of the event for how to overcome the problems that may have not been resolved.

For normal organizations this is probably not needed. If your organization is facing extraordinary problems or friction among staff, having a Heavy Hitter might be the right choice for you. Contact our director and we can walk you through diagnosing your situation and better determining your needs.

We understand the need for confidentiality and review all such agreements to ensure a level of secrecy to maintain your relationship with your clients. We will usually not take control of work product and rather not take any material off-location to help ensure our relationships with our clients. Simply ask us for more information about how far we will go to protect our clients.

those THEY have performed forWhether for Appellate, Business, Civil, Constitutional, Criminal, Entertainment, Family (including Trusts, Estates, Divorce, Elder and Juvenile), Intellectual Property, Medical, Military, Securities or Tax Law, or any of the other branches, we either already have a program that can assist practitioners or can develop a special program to improve performance.

Simply contact us to help you find the team building workshop that would work the best with your law firm. We'll walk you through a variety of options and try to come up with the best solution for your needs.

Locations. We have people already in most major cities around the country or can make arrangements if needed. This includes the top cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and practically anywhere else you can imagine. We also have access to Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean if you would like to conduct something while at a retreat. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you with team building for your law firm.

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