Lawyer Presentation Skills Training Workshops - Oratory Classes for Attorneys

Beyond simple presentation skills, understanding the specific requirements for quality oratory are key to swaying jurors in opening and closing statements. This includes issues such as pacing of speech, choice of rhetoric, emotional intelligence and engaging audiences and the art of persuasion. THEY improv provides a variety of lawyer skills training workshops to assist in the growth of knowledge and abilities of attorneys.

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Lawyer Presentation Skills Training Workshops for Law Firms

Attorney Oratory Classes to Better Present Opening and Closing Statements

they improvDeveloping the skills required for being a quality attorney takes a lot more than is taught in law school. There are a variety of soft skills and analytical techniques that are simply not dealt with in more traditional training methods. To really stand out from the crowd of lawyers and to make a real difference, additional skills training through our programs can help provide that edge that you are looking for.

One of the key elements of being an attorney is to always appear to be in control of any situation. Showing a lack of strength or confidence during opening or closing statements can adversely impact your position with the jury. This can cast your client in a negative light leading to an adverse verdict. Our presentation skills training programs are designed to improve the oratory and content of opening and closing statements and improve trial outcomes.

We can help work on all aspects of opening and closing statements. Whether it's working on the efficiency of summation, how to maintain juror interest or how to improve the ability to persuade, THEY improv has a program to improve the skills needed to help win the big case.

The opening statement is a critical element of any jury trial. It's an opportunity to lay out the story that the witnesses will relate and allow for the logic of the case to be clear in all jurors' minds. The laying out of the case with supporting testimony helps to solidify an understanding that the opposing counsel can have difficulty overcoming.

The closing statement, similarly, puts together all of the prior testimony and reinforces the story being told. It's a final opportunity to make an impression that will carry over into deliberations. While it can't overcome difficulties during the presentation of a case, it's the tying of the ribbon on the package you have given to the jury.

Having the skills needed to improve these presentations can make all the difference in a case. Our workshops utilize exercise each of these elements including:

- Speaking in more concise terms
- Presentation skills
- Being persuasive
- Reading an audience (jury)
- Pacing and motivation

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