Legislative Team Building Workshops for Congressional Office Bonding

Getting the staff of a Congressional Office to work together is sometimes the part of the process that is most ignored. People see the Congressman and don't think about the small army that supports the legislative agenda. From the Administrative Assistants, Legislative Aides, Office Managers, receptionists, interns, IT staff, and the many others, it is no small challenge to get the group communicating with each other and working on the same page.

Whether you are in Washington, DC or at any of the state capitals, we have staff ready to come in, diagnose issues that you may have and overcome them using a variety of techniques.

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Legislative Team Building for Congressional Offices Bonding

Getting Congress to Work Together

they improvCongress is a vital cog in our American system of government. While it usually is the butt of jokes and people refer to it not doing anything, there are a lot of moving parts that need to work together efficiently if anything were to be done. Having Congressional Offices working as a unit is the key to reducing the stress and workload so that Representatives and Senators can concentrate on the broader picture. After all, if constituent services are breaking down, the Senator may be dealing with a senior who is having issues with Social Security instead of focusing on the creation of new legislation. Our Legislative Team Building can help to get the various elements within a Congressional Office bonding with one another and working together more efficiently.

While there seems to be a great partisan divide in our system, sometimes both parties need to come together to accomplish things that are mutually beneficial. If you have a working group or a committee looking to bond the administrative and leadership elements, we can assist with that.

We don't consider ourselves bi-partisan, we consider ourselves non-partisan. This means that we don't support both sides equally, we just don't function on party lines at all. For any team that we are working on, we are looking to get everyone to see everyone else as human beings as opposed to job titles or party affiliation.

While most people think of our operations being specific to the federal government in Washington, DC, there is a lot more than Cannon, Ford, Longworth and Rayburn House Office Buildings or the Dirksen, Hart and Russell Senate Office Buildings in the country. Each state has its own legislative branch and each Congressman on the state level tends to have a staff of some sort. We can not only work in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia) area but throughout the country in each of the state capitals. Simply contact us to find out how we can bring a nation's worth of team building programs to your needs on the state level.
THEY improv works with any organization and can help bring legislative team building workshops or other activities together to promote unity of purpose and bonding among participants. This can get any group to work together as never before and to appreciate the contributions of the other members of the team.

Most of this site has concentrated on what we can do for law firms, but the team building elements are applicable to the legislative branch just as well. This means that the various offerings such as Team Building Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, Mini-Olympiads, and Entertainment Options can be brought to your group to help the Congressional Office operate more smoothly.

You can find more details about our offerings above. Each can be done with Congressional Office staff as well as for the law firms mentioned on those pages.

Simply contact us to help you find the legislative team building that would work the best with your Congressional Office. We'll walk you through a variety of options and try to come up with the best solution for your needs.

Locations. We have people already in most major cities around the country or can make arrangements if needed. This includes the top cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and practically anywhere else you can imagine. We also have access to Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean if you would like to conduct something while at a retreat. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you with team building for your law firm.

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