Lawyer Skills Training for Depositions Through Role Playing

THEY improv provides a variety of lawyer skills training for depositions utilizing role playing with professional actors assisting attorneys and others in the law firm through practicing in controlled environments. Giving an attorney an opportunity to try a variety of techniques in real-world scenarios can help hone their skills in a safe setting.

For others in the firm, such as paralegals, providing simulations can also assist in making them comfortable in this environment and prevent potential errors of protocol.

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Lawyer Skills Training Through Role Playing

Attorney Classes to Simulate Situations

they improvDeveloping the skills required for being a quality attorney takes a lot more than is taught in law school. The first time that an attorney enters a courtroom, everything is new. Each person that they interact with is a new challenge and often the younger attorneys can be taken by surprise, and it is their clients that are harmed.

Through role playing, our professional actors can assist attorneys in a variety of ways to simulate situations that they will find themselves in. We can walk them through those scenarios and make them more comfortable with it for when the real event will occur.

For attorneys looking to rehearse a deposition, THEY improv can provide actors to simulate the circumstances of depositions in general or a specific environment that might be away from the norm. After all, depositions can take place in unusual locations or under strange circumstances with bizarre characters. The participants in the room can be off-putting and the human element can prove costly.

For this reason we can not only rehearse the attorney, but support staff as well. This can raise the professionalism of your law firm and enhance the potential outcome. After all, there is often a certain theatrical element to depositions seeking to intimidate opposing counsel or show the seriousness of an action.

We work with the attorney to determine what the particular goals are and then bring the appropriate cast to help them achieve that goal within a specified budget.

There are more options than can ever be imagined, so to obtain a specific quote or information regarding these sessions, simply contact us with no obligation to determine what might be the best approach to achieving your goals.

We understand the need for confidentiality and review all such agreements to ensure a level of secrecy to maintain your relationship with your clients. We will usually not take control of work product and rather not take any material off-location to help ensure our relationships with our clients. Simply ask us for more information about how far we will go to protect our clients.

those THEY have performed forWhether for Appellate, Business, Civil, Constitutional, Criminal, Entertainment, Family (including Trusts, Estates, Divorce, Elder and Juvenile), Intellectual Property, Medical, Military, Securities or Tax Law, or any of the other branches, we either already have a program that can assist practitioners or can develop a special program to improve performance.

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