Team Building Mini-Olympiads for Law Firms

THEY improv has been bonding employees for Fortune 500 companies for years through a variety of techniques. This has included a variety of legal practices and this website represents a renewed emphasis of team building for law firms from around the country through mini-Olympiads.

Mini-Olympiads for law firms help engage the competitive spirit of people working in a legal environment with the needs of working together to win. After all, that's what it's all about. Working together to be the best you can be to advocate for your clients.

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Mini-Olympiads for Law Firms

Attorney Bonding and Team Building Through Fun Activities

they improvThe competitive nature of people is especially strong in the legal professions. Lawyers love to compete against each other and their staffs draw upon that competitive nature as well. There is a great amount of pride as everyone struggles to achieve Alpha status regardless of the actual prizes being provided. Through fun and goofy competitions the people bond and create memorable moments.

A mini-Olympiad designed for our law firm is a great way to have a team building activity while not having the participants feel like they are being forced to participate in a bonding event. People tend to resent being forced to team build, but they love to compete with one another. We engage that competitive spirit without them realizing what they are learning.

Each activity in the mini-Olympiad for a law firm is selected to work on a set of bonding needs. The activities are not generally like an Olympics. There's no running, high jumping or other such risky activities. The games tend to be more goofy in nature and are designed to get the people to bond over the silliness as well as the competitiveness.

An example of games may have competitors putting Oreo cookies on their foreheads and trying to move them down their face and into their mouths without touching it with their hands. Another may be building paper airplanes and flying them for accuracy and distance. Another may be relay races using candy canes. We can engage in games of Paper Basketball. Others may be a variety of puzzles and brain teasers. We consult with your team to come up with a variety of games that would engage the people and keep them enjoying the competition while improving employee relations.

We have alternate games involving more office equipment. It might include making copies, stringing paper clips together, stapling papers, collating, etc. These games are considered an Office Olympiad. We can also combine elements of both if you prefer.

Each team conducts an activity around a room. They then rotate through the activities, kind of like Speed Dating, until they have done all the activities. Our team then quickly tabulates the scores and presents prizes to the winning team. We don't usually reveal the final scores as we don't want the lower scoring teams to feel embarrassed.

Contact us to consult on how a mini-Olympiad might be the right choice for your law firm. The team building benefits creates bonding that can last for a long time after the event. We look forward to hearing from you.

We understand the need for confidentiality and review all such agreements to ensure a level of secrecy to maintain your relationship with your clients. We will usually not take control of work product and rather not take any material off-location to help ensure our relationships with our clients. Simply ask us for more information about how far we will go to protect our clients.

those THEY have performed forWhether for Appellate, Business, Civil, Constitutional, Criminal, Entertainment, Family (including Trusts, Estates, Divorce, Elder and Juvenile), Intellectual Property, Medical, Military, Securities or Tax Law, or any of the other branches, we either already have a program that can assist practitioners or can develop a special program to improve performance.

Simply contact us to help you find the team building mini-Olympiad that would work the best with your law firm. We'll walk you through a variety of options and try to come up with the best solution for your needs.

Locations. We have people already in most major cities around the country or can make arrangements if needed. This includes the top cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and practically anywhere else you can imagine. We also have access to Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean if you would like to conduct something while at a retreat. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you with team building for your law firm.

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