Lawyer Skills - Class Action Members

THEY improv provides a variety of lawyer skills programs including role playing class action members to enhance techniques to engage them and better ensure clarity of communication during the process.

When clients come in large groups it is all the more important to handle communication that can put the clients at ease and trust you with their cause of action.

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Lawyer Skills with Class Action Members

Attorney Classes to Simulate Even the Largest Cases

they improvThe largest of cases often include some form of class action, where a variety of people have been wronged and are seeking some form of compensation from the courts. Rather than having a specific client, the law firms involved have a small army of clients that they represent. This changes the communication dynamic and having a better understanding of the interactions can enhance outcomes.

Class action members can very easily take on the characteristics of group dynamics with pecking orders appearing, resentments and undercurrents causing discontent and being better prepared can help to counter these issues and prevent them from causing harm to the action.

THEY improv provides actors that can take on these characteristics and help attorneys to show empathy and concern and bolster the feeling among class members that their concerns are being heard. These are people who likely have been dealing with trauma and were wronged. This means that they might be slow to give their trust and risk being hurt again.

Having conversations with actors working as class members can help discover unforeseen triggers that could cause an adverse reaction. This could also help interviewers that are sent out into the field to get more details from each member of the class as well as for anyone else that might have direct or indirect interactions with the clients.

There are more options than can ever be imagined, so to obtain a specific quote or information regarding these class action member workshops, simply contact us with no obligation to determine what might be the best approach to achieving your goals for either a specific case or more general training.

We understand the need for confidentiality and review all such agreements to ensure a level of secrecy to maintain your relationship with your clients. We will usually not take control of work product and rather not take any material off-location to help ensure our relationships with our clients. Simply ask us for more information about how far we will go to protect our clients.

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