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Getting members of a law enforcement agency to be on the same page requires quality team building programs that think outside the box. So much of the training goes into specific needs, but simply bonding the officers and staff together is often ignored. THEY improv is proud to enter this field and work with law enforcement agencies to bring team building programs that can help get everyone working together and appreciating each members contributions. Further, for teams comprised of multiple agencies, a team building workshop can remove the silo effect and get the various agencies to work as a cohesive unit.

For more traditional training programs, THEY improv can also provide actors to role play for training exercises as civilians or criminals to be dealt with. This can include crowd scenarios, interrogations or just about any other aspect to be worked upon.

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Law Enforcement Agencies Team Building and Training Exercise Role Playing

Getting Units to Work Together and Train Better

they improvMore and more law enforcements have come under more detailed scrutiny. This has covered everything under the sun from excessive force, race relations, profiling, lax enforcement, and just about anything else you can think of. This has brought on a renewed sense of urgency for training in these various situations as well as improving the cohesiveness in the face of a more hostile public.

THEY improv divides work with law enforcement agencies into two areas.

First, team building with officers and staff to help engender greater cohesiveness within units as well as working towards inter-agency cooperation. This is achieved through a variety of techniques, from workshops to activities to simply enjoying some entertainment together. Getting a group to laugh together and enjoy each other's company helps to remove barriers between individuals and seeing each other for the fellow warrior standing guard against the forces arrayed against us. Being a brother in law enforcement after a team building workshop or activity becomes a much easier proposition. Jurisdictions and inter-agency squabbles fall away when the agents get along regardless of the situation that exists from the leaders of agencies. This grass roots inter-agency cooperation can help make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that threats can be assessed and understood much more quickly.

The workshops are divided into three main areas. These are group mind activities designed to get people on the same page, agreement exercises to help officers to be open to the perspectives of other agents, and the associated laughter from the professional comedians presenting the workshop to your teams.

Activities might include going on Scavenger Hunts or Mini-Olympiads, both of which are designed to engage the competitive spirit in a fun and safe environment the builds camaraderie between teams rather than piling on resentment. Focus is on the fun of the activities at the end of the day and though pride may have been won or lost, it's the memories that carry forward. The prizes are small but fun and the enjoyment is great.

For teams just looking to blow off some steam or laugh, we have a variety of comedy shows, game shows or even murder mysteries that could be played. The murder mystery shows are of particular interest, though we purposely move away from actual techniques of law enforcement to make it more about play. All of the shows are meant to be fun and interactive, inspiring participation and respect points for having your people be the stars of the show.

Second, for training programs, we provide a variety of options for the use of role playing by our actors to provide characters to test certain skills before facing the real situation on the street. This can include a variety of interviews, interrogations, social interactions, etc. This training can be everything from acting as victims in terror scenarios to being a shop owner making a complaint. We can pretend to be drivers at a traffic stop or members of a protest.

If you have a training program that could use some professional actors to help enhance the scenarios being used, don't hesitate to contact us about your exercise to discuss options that could make all the difference for when the exercise becomes a reality.

We can also work for prisons and jails with corrections officers. This can get teams to work together more smoothly or also work with role playing to help train corrections officers through training exercises that you might conduct. More information about this aspect of our business is also available on our THEY Prison Safety website.

Most of this site has concentrated on what we can do for law firms, but the team building elements are applicable to law enforcement just as well. This means that the various offerings such as Team Building Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, Mini-Olympiads, and Entertainment Options can be brought to your group to help your agency operate more smoothly.

You can find more details about our offerings above. Each can be done with law enforcement agencies as well as for the law firms mentioned on those pages.

Simply contact us to help you find the law enforcement team building that would work the best with your agency. We'll walk you through a variety of options and try to come up with the best solution for your needs.

Locations. We have people already in most major cities around the country or can make arrangements if needed. This includes the top cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and practically anywhere else you can imagine. We also have access to Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean if you would like to conduct something while at a retreat. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you with team building for your law firm.

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